Giulio Grey
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Giulio Grey


Grey was born in Italy on March 27, 1968, and learned while still a child about art from his father, a painter, restorer and glassblower (born in 1931) who practiced his passion for more than 60 years.
Growing up among paints and brushes, he learned the techniques of oil painting, ceramics and glassblowing.

He attended the Ego Bianchi art high school in Cuneo and acquired clay working and the basics of sculpture, but during that time he also discovered his true artistic nature, constantly trying to break out of the molds, both technical and aesthetic, that were imposed on him.

In the 1980s, he began his career by starting an artistic glass workshop.
He successfully created a hybrid of glassblowing and solid paste making, and within a few years his objects became in high demand among admirers of the product.

In the mid-1990s, driven by a desire for improvement, he turned to jewelry, designing, creating and marketing artistic objects made from precious stones and metals for more than twenty years.
During these years, he also discovered a passion for photography and learned the complex techniques of analogue photography. This important step gave him the right training that would enable him to achieve excellent results and feedback with digital photography.

In his career, he also undertakes to other important entrepreneurial activities achieving considerable professional success.
Because of this achievement, he has the opportunity to retire from the hectic world of business and decides to devote his time to his family and his artistic passions: painting, sculpture and photography.

After moving to Monaco, he started photographing the most picturesque corners of the Principality, thus enriching his personal photo gallery. In 2011, he started to produce his first Pop Art works, which were an immediate success in the multicultural universe of the Principality.
In recent years, his photographs and works of art have featured in some of the world's most exclusive private collections