Art visuel, Arts médiatiques
27 avenue Princesse Grace98000 Monaco


- Exposition SEM ART Gallery Monaco Mai 2010

-Movie for the International Women's Day "SOME WORDS TO MAKE A CHANGE" (over 2 millions views on Youtube) March 2013

-Movie during the MET Ball in NYC "ART COUTURE" April 2013

- Exposition Hotel Molitor Paris February 2015

-Exposition Mai 2015 at the Contemporary Art Museum in Paris "Palais De Tokyo"

-Expo on Air France buses all over Paris June 2015

-Expo at 44 Gallerie Kleber in Paris October 2015

-Expo at Domus store in Paris November 2015
&nbspRadical but subtle, Jan Lisman constantly switches from video to photography to digital painting. A true jack of all trades, he does not let anything or anyone limit his creativity.
His works produced with his digital tablet reveal a world where even art can be intangible. Through the use of digital tablets to create his pieces, Jan Lisman attempts to define a new relationship to work and space.

Always on the move, he is an artist with a fiery temperament, a vibrant and restless energy reflected in his works.
Although his pieces produce a vivid sense of spontaneity and instantaneity, Jan Lisman controls his composition as well as the distribution of colors and lines. They are the result of a long studying and reflective process from the artist.

His creative process is driven by intuition. Jan Lisman depicts what arouses his interest. He transposes his thoughts and emotions through abstract shapes and bright colors.
His works will create and fuel controversy between those who only see a clever «maker» and those who celebrate the advent of a true and innovative artist.