Shuhaibar Bolonie
Art visuel, Littérature et Poésie
Tél.: 0607931764
Résidence Monte Carlo Sun
74, Boulevard d’Italie,
98000, Monaco

Shuhaibar Bolonie

Bolonie began her career as an artist at a very young age and her passion for photography was born during her classes at Parsons (Paris) that complimented her watercolor technique. She has worked with various media’s and always enjoys working along with artist’s at their studios.
She has been a member of the International Association of Plastic Arts in Monaco, Unesco since many years . Her works have been exhibited at numerous exhibitions around the world.
She has received various awards and supported many charities in Monaco and abroad.


Salon 2022 “Rendez-vous”

09 février 2022

Oasis 2022, Japon

10 juin 2022

Forum des Artistes Monaco 2022

17 juin 2022

“Ume no Yume - Dream of the sea”

20 juillet 2022

« Lumière» Salon 2023 Monaco

10 février 2023

« Rivages Graphiques » "Channel Tunnel - under the sea ” 14 décembre 2023 - janvier 2024

27 décembre 2023